Commissioner’s Message

We have all been impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic. How we recover from this public health crisis will also shape how we tackle the climate change crisis.

As a result of the pandemic, we saw a sharp decline in economic activity and emissions. Whether we simply recover or thrive depends on the decisions we make today. We can choose to pursue a net zero carbon future by investing in low-carbon technologies, reinforcing the positive behavior changes that were observed working from and staying home, and mitigating the impacts of our actions.

The 2021 Florida Energy and Climate Summit will examine what it takes to achieve a net zero carbon future including the required technology, economic, financial, and societal changes. It also requires all of us to work together. It’s imperative that all our Florida residents and visitors to our great state adopt behaviors that use energy more efficiently. We must lessen the environmental impacts of energy production and work collaboratively to find new ways to use our energy sources more wisely and more economically.

The conversation of energy and climate is not an us versus them discussion. Energy impacts every single one of us – every single day, all day long. We use energy to produce food, power our devices and homes, move around our communities, and drive our industries and economy. Meanwhile, climate change is posing an accelerating threat to our state, economy, and daily life.

I invite you to be a part of this very important conversation and join me, either in person or virtually, at the 2021 Florida Energy and Climate Summit. Together, we can keep Florida growing sustainably!


Nicole “Nikki” Fried
Florida Commissioner of Agriculture